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CLGE Seminar

“Cooperation of Public and Private Sector in Land Management”

22nd September 2016,  Riga, Latvia

The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors and Latvian Association of Surveyors in cooperation with the State Land Service of Latvia are pleased to invite you to the Seminar “Cooperation of Public and Private Sector in Land Management which will be held on 22nd September2016 in Riga. The CLGE events will start with the Seminar and continue with the CLGE General Assembly on 23rd – 24th September 2016.


Surveyors have always played a significant role in the land development, they are responsible for data collection and management of different design and engineering plans. The collaboration between surveyors and state institutions is crucial for a successful and efficient planning and development process in the field of land management and cadastral data maintenance. In recent years, mapping and information technologies have rapidly changed and developed, and traditional workflow has changed into a digital process. Therefore the concept of a modern and fully digital cadastral surveying process could be an effective tool for land management and administration.


The main aim of the Seminar is to bring together experts and stakeholders to initiate an exchange of information and views. Share experience about surveyor’s licensing (certification) models and cooperation between surveyors and state institutions.



The Seminar will focus on following topics, which will be discussed in two sessions:


1. Responsibilities and cooperation between state institutions and surveyors (more focused on Licensing systems):

  • Short description of Licensing systems or other cooperation models;
  • Role of professional organizations, state and licensing body;
  • Key to effective supervision of surveyors;
  • Responsibilities and rights of involved parties;
  • Surveyors licensing – should it be managed by public or private sector.


2. Cadastral survey – digital by default:

  • Best practice and most efficient solutions to implement fully digital cadaster processes;
  • Organizational process of boundary disputes, boundary acts, communication etc.
  • Storage of signed documents – paper form or digital.




22.09.2016. CLGE Seminar presentations

Session 1: Responsibilities and cooperation between state institutions and surveyors


Publicly Appointment in Cadastral Affairs                                           

Clemens Kiepke, Chairman of IG-PARLS, CLGE, Germany

The Danish Cadastral Cooperation Model                                             

Torben Juulsager, President of ”The Danish Association of Chartered Surveyors”, Denmark

The Swiss Case: 100 Years of PPP
Maurice Barbieri, President of the CLGE, on behalf of Swiss Association of Surveyors

Eligibility to Act as a Cadastral Surveyor in Finland                             

Paavo Häikiö, Senior Specialist, National Land Survey, Finland


Cadastral Surveying in the Netherlands: Almost Exclusively by Cadastral Employees                                                

Eric Hagemans, Geodetic Expert, the Dutch Cadaster, the Netherlands

Licencing System in Slovakia                                                                

Dušan Hanus, Cadastral Data Specialist, Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic       

Robert Jakubáč, Land Registry Specialist, Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic

Certification of Surveyors in Estonia
Karin Kollo, Adviser in Geodesy department of Estonian Land Board, member of the certification committee, Estonia

Regulation  of  the  Cadastral  Surveyors  Activity  in  Russia:  New  Federal  Low                                                                                         

Vladimir Tikhonov, Director of National Chamber of Cadastral Engineers, Russia

Cooperation Triangle of Certification in Latvia                                      

Jānis Klīve, Board Member of Latvian Association of Surveyors, Latvia



Session 2: Cadastral survey – digital by default

Transition to Digital Data in Cadastral Surveying in Latvia                

Viesturs Aigars, Head of Survey Division, the State Land Service, Latvia

From Paper to Digital Cadastral Data – Experience of Lithuania                                                                                                 

Alvydas Janulevicius, The Head of the Division for Supervision of Non-monopolistic Services, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania

Digital Processes in the National Land Survey of Finland                      

Martti Pietikäinen, Leading Expert, National Land Survey, Finland

Quality Improvement of the Dutch Cadastral Map and Surveying Process                                                                                                       

Eric Hagemans, geodetic expert at the Dutch Cadaster, the Nederlands




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